• cute boy tells me i'm pretty: lmao i know are u jealous
  • cute girl tells me i'm pretty: [stumbles backwards] ....... dear god...... i.... how could this happen......

Clone Club Season 3 Wishlist


Alright, here is a list of things (based on popular posts) that it would seem Clone Club would like to see happen/incorporated into S3. Will update as more pop up.

• A Cosima ‘for science’ quote.
• An ‘origins or backflash’ style ep. feat Beth.
• Cosima in a beanie.
• Rachel Duncan wearing an eyepatch.
• Cosima with her dreads down.
• A new clone or character with the name, Emmy - just to slap those turds in the face.
• A Cophine sex scene.
• Alison and another clone line reading for a play and incorporating the quote, ‘You’re so good, you should get an EMMY’ - to again, slap those turds in the face.
• Delphine losing her shit.
• Discovering a cure.
• Raj Singh reappearance

• Tony and Cosima finally meeting

• Evelyne joining the ‘Ass Team’ and getting that toosh out

• Revelation of why Beth actually committed suicide

• Delphine being accepted into Clone Club

• To know hoe Ramone’s mum is going
 A ‘Buddy’ quote
 More ‘puppy’ references

• A family dinner scene (John and Graeme mentioned Thanksgiving - whether or not it was jokingly, the seed has been planted!) 
Cosima impersonating another clone
• Tony and Cosima sharing a joint with each other
• Delphine and Felix buddying up

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When Tatiana Maslany said she spent two days dancing to film the Season 2 finale, the interviewer said “So you’re never gonna dance again?” and Tatiana Maslany replied “Guilty feet have got no rhythm.”

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